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Spice up your life (Spices on Meat)

Spice up your life (Spices on Meat)

When it comes to seasoning, most of us reach straight for the salt and pepper, but there are so many other possibilities at our fingertips for perfectly seasoned meat. Knowing how to use spices can greatly enhance and even change the flavour of all...

Burgers on the Grill

Burgers on the Grill

You may be grilling burgers all wrong! This EASY Ultimate Burger Grill Guide gives you everything on How to Grill the Perfect Burger! It will change your burger game completely. Summer is here and grills are ablaze cooking up seasonal favorites. A summertime staple is...

Get ready for the BBQ!

Get ready for the BBQ!

When people think of summer, they often think of outdoor barbecues. As a matter of fact, summer is frequently referred to as barbecue season. If you’re going to be doing some grilling this year, you’re going to want to make sure you have everything ready. Here’s how...


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Excited to open the doors - Just a couple rules we have to implement

Good evening!

We are all very excited to open the doors and see our community family face to face once again!!

Just a few things we need to go over to help make everything run smoothly.
We ask that EVERYONE please wear a mask if at all possible when visiting the store. ** it’s a small space and extra precautions are needed to keep everyone safe
Just a couple rules we have to implement through phase 2:
~ Only 5 customers are allowed in the store at a time, we ask if possible only 1 person per household come shopping...Maybe a good game of rock,paper, sissors to decide who gets to go?
~When entering the store there will be a table set up with hand sanitizer we ask that you use this and the gloves we have provided to shop through the store. This helps keep items through the store more sterile and hopefully reduce contamination from touching.
~ Please refrain from touching products as best you can unless purchasing it, example: the buns on the rack are all the same freshness squeezing multiple packs may lead to bun purchases you may not want.. but we do have the product to go with those buns 😏
~ We ask that you stand back when being served and not lean on or over the counter tops try not to touch, poke or tap the glass as it spookes the meat and may cause stress to your food... it also helps keep the glass as clean as possible for your protection. 😬
~ when shopping keep in mind other customers can be waiting to come in we ask still no casual shopping ... May we suggest trying the get in, get out, we appreciate your business and tell your friends method 😜

Thank you again for your support ,keep practicing safe social distancing and interacting when in public.
Keep Supporting your local shops!

** We are still accepting orders online and will continue to do so indefinitely. Pick ups can now be done inside the store.