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From our Kitchen

Classic Butchering of the finest local beef, pork and poultry cooked to absolute perfection, using only the finest ingredients and ready for you to eat when you wish.  At Richard’s Fine Meats and Deli we do all the cooking for you, the only thing you do is to heat it up and enjoy.  You may wish to add some mash potatoes, or perhaps a Food Land Ontario, locally grown produce.  These meals use the exact meat products we sell to you, the only difference is we have gone and cooked it, spiced it and packaged it up for you to eat when you are ready to. Get yours now, order up, keep it in the freezer.  You will never have to cook again.

From our Deli Counter

Step up to the perfect sandwich bite

Here at Richard’s Fine Meats & Deli, all your favourite deli items including a very large variety of the finest cured lunch meats, cheeses, pepperettes, beef jerky and kielbasa await for you.  If you haven’t the time, then allow our highly skilled, professionally trained, deli-sandwich artists to create your next bite of absolute perfection.  Seen here to the right is our Homemade Meatloaf Sandwich. Below are our consumer classic favourites (Left) Montreal Smoked Meat; (Centre) Roast Beef; (Right) Simple Ham no cheese.


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